Pure Flava' - Pure Gospel

Pure Flava' - Pure Gospel
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A new Gospel series from Crystal Rose Records, showcases some of today's hottest talents to immerge on the Urban/Hip-Hop scene, preaching the message of Jesus Christ backed by urban-street beats. 15 tracks are featured on this dynamic project, including Erick Matthews, Derrick Starks & Today's Generation, Prime Minister, Christ Fa' Real, Corey Red, new artists Kiwi and Donavan plus many others!

    Audio Track List

  • 1. War Clothes - Intro (Erick Matthews)
  • 2. War Clothes (Erick Matthews)
  • 3. Get Ya' Tents Up (Camp Quest)
  • 4. Hold Out, Deliverance Will Come (Gabriel Hardeman Delegation)
  • 5. If You Fall (Lisa McClendon)
  • 6. Lord I Need You (T-Church)
  • 7. Faithful (Michelle Bonilla)
  • 8. Teach Me (Donavan)
  • 9. It's My Turn (Corey Red)
  • 10. Born Again (Steve McCaster)
  • 11. Street Theology (Mad Prophets)
  • 12. Glory (Erick Matthews)
  • 13. Free (Derrick Starks & Today's Generation)
  • 14. That's Just Like Him - Straight-Up Remix (Ricky Dillard & New G)
    Remix by Farley "Jack Master Funk" Keith
  • 15. Jesus Is Love (Derrick Starks & Today's Generation)
  • 16. Pure Flave' (Kiwi)