Young Soldiers Of Praise - Pure Gospel

Young Soldiers Of Praise - Pure Gospel
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Pure Gospel - Young Soldiers Of Praise showcases some of today's hottest young talents to immerge onto the gospel music scene performing the hits that put them on the map. These artist's are reshaping the landscape of contemporary gospel music. 12 songs are featured on this compilation. Highlights include "Double Team"-Deitrick Haddon featuring Damita Haddon and John P. Kee, "That's Just Like Him"-Ricky Dillard & New G, "Goodtime"-Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb, "More Than Just A Friend" (Remix)- Special Gift, "He's A Keepa" (Remix)-Rodney Bryant & C.C.M.C. among others.

    Audio Track List

  • 1. Double Team (Deitrick Haddon & V.O.U.)
  • 2. Rough Edges (Brent Jones and the T.P. Mobb)
  • 3. More Than Just A Friend (Special Gift)
  • 4. Yours With Love (Special Gift)
  • 5. He's A Keepa (Rodney Bryant & C.C.M.C.)
  • 6. The Potter (Deitrick Haddon & V.O.U.)
  • 7. Do You Know Him (Derrick Starks & Today's Generation)
  • 8. Put Yo' Hands Up (Rodney Posey)
  • 9. Shadow (Lisa Scott)
  • 10. Just Ask Me (Lisa Scott)
  • 11. That's Just Like Him (Ricky Dillard & New G)
  • 12. That's Just Like Him - Remix (Ricky Dillard & New G)