Liz Mc Comb - Liz Mc Comb

Liz Mc Comb - Liz Mc Comb
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Liz Mc Comb has a miraculous gift for dealing ideas and feelings with people, however different they may be. It's the main reason why she lives and sings, and you can feel it from her first note when she lands on stage, rushing to her piano, and striking furious chords while introducing her fellow musicians with a soft and tender voice.

This is Liz Mc Comb: a strange mix of rage and sweetness, of passion and shyness, which makes whatever she sings something of her own life. This album is only a sample of the art and life of Liz Mc Comb, somebody who expresses her faith far from home, bringing the Gospel around the Globe.

    Audio Track List

  • 1. You Can't Hurry God
  • 2. The Man Upstairs
  • 3. Whenever You Pray
  • 4. Give Him Up
  • 5. Time Is Now
  • 6. Don't Let The Devil Ride
  • 7. What Happened to the Love
  • 8. Fire
  • 9. Open Your Eyes
  • 10. Jesus Is A Rock
  • 11. Stand By Me
  • 11. Chant De Liberte'/Song Of Freedom
  • 11. Fire (Radio Edit)
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